I sprouted a leek!

Actually, I sprouted a whole bunch of leeks. They have finally begun to emerge, tiny green shoots poking their way up into the light. The lupins have surprised me by coming up, too. Hurray and hallelujah!

Now that the seeds have germinated, they will need to be somewhere other than the kitchen counter. I moved them into the dining room window sill where they’ll get lots of light and warmth.

It’s funny that such a tiny thing like seedlings can make me jump up and down like a little kid (and when I first saw them, I really did). But then again, maybe it’s not. New life is something to get excited about. Every time the power of life emerges–from a seed, from the rubble of a disaster, from a broken heart–it is amazing.

New life is definitely worth celebrating.

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3 Responses to I sprouted a leek!

  1. Bob MacMillan says:

    Better than springing a leak….

  2. Sue Channen says:

    Well done with the Lupins. I’ve found them hard to get going.

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