Canada and the reverend are blooming

What a treat to visit Canada Blooms! After a long, cold winter, who isn’t ready to be surrounded by red tulips, yellow daffodils, and the sweet smell of hyacinth?  I felt sort of like I was revving my engine, getting ready for May 1st by wandering through the gorgeous gardens. 

I enjoyed the displays–especially the water features–but it was the Jardins de Metis/Reford Gardens exhibit where I had a great time.  Since our family is planning to visit there this summer, I was keen to learn more about their International Garden Festival. I picked up a map and a few brochures.

I also met Alexander Reford, the garden’s Director and the great-grandson of founder Elsie Reford.  He was quite charming and gave me some advice about visiting this summer. He even expressed mild interest when I told him about my sabbatical. I felt a little sheepish asking if I could take his photo but he didn’t seem to mind.

Then he told me he hoped it wasn’t “for one of those goofy gardening blogs”. Oh well!

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