Breaking new ground

We started planting today! Emily and I got into the fresh, new beds and planted spinach, golden beets, peas, alyssum, marigolds and garlic (I know, it should have been planted in the fall or early spring but…) Met a few more neighbours and got some encouraging words shouted out of car windows. I just hope nobody vandalizes my new trellis.

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2 Responses to Breaking new ground

  1. Stacey says:

    I am LOVING the raised beds! and I am LOVING your boots!! and I LOVE breaking planting rules – I think I might have to plant some bulbs this spring so they will bloom NEXT spring…. and good luck with the garlic… fresh garlic is super potent and extremely delicious!! 🙂 I hope my seedling keep on trucking and I will share some with you

    • Yes, in spring I always wish I had planted bulbs last fall. Maybe this will be the year!? With such a cool spring, your tomatoes will have lots of time to grow before they can be planted. We’ll have to trade a few!

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