Teddy bear picnic

Well, it wasn’t exactly a picnic. But it was teddy bears.

While my four children are away at camp, I am washing all of their linens and duvets and comforters and bedspreads and blankets and pillows and pillowcases (whew!). I’m washing some of their most-loved stuffed animals, too.

Although I was a little nervous tossing them in the washing machine (even on the gentle cycle), I knew that these poor little creatures needed a bit of attention. For years they have been confidents, sounding boards, well-behaved audiences and patient listeners. They have mopped up tears of grief, frustration and heartbreak. They have been dressed up, slept on, hugged mercilessly and sometimes even left under the bed, forgotten and alone. If anyone needs a bit of spa treatment, it’s these guys.

After a quick sudsy wash, I knew just the thing to do next: invite them to a little garden party. OK, there wasn’t really a party. But there was sunshine and a nice summer breeze in the garden to dry them out. I sat them next to the cucumbers and not too far from the pots of pansies, which are still blooming yellow and purple.

These well-loved teddy bears deserve a lovely afternoon in the garden, I thought to myself as I propped them up. And if these little guys deserve such a lovely treat, you and I probably do, too, don’t you think?

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3 Responses to Teddy bear picnic

  1. This post brought a huge smile to my face. I still have my favorite teddy bear, although he’s safely stored away in a closet for now. It’s so funny that adults keep some toys from their childhood simply for the nostalgia.

  2. Yes. This afternoon I ended up going through a laundry bin full of stuffed toys and wondering what we will do with them all. Do my kids really need to keep them? For how long?? But I’m like you–I still have a couple favourites (a dolly and a teddy) from when I was a kid. So for now, I guess we’re keeping them all.

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