Home and garden irreverence

As I’ve said before, gadgets aren’t really my thing. Still, gardeners are always looking for interesting new items for the yard. What’s more, laughter is good for you!

I was doing some on-line research for Sunday and visited Ship of Fools. I got distracted as soon as I saw that they had a “Home and Garden” section in their catalogue of Gadgets for God. Of course I had to look.

You may already have heard of Testamints (perhaps mints taste divine when they have been wrapped in scripture verses?) but you probably haven’t seen the home circumcision kit (ouch!). Or maybe you would be more interested in the Jesus ash tray (the bottom reads: Jesus hates it when you smoke. That guilt’s gotta help you quit).

What caught my eye next was the birdhouse. It’s very pretty, and would be perfect for those delinquent robins and blue jays who haven’t been to church in ages. Apparently, they are hand crafted in Ireland and completed in animal-friendly finish, too. A baptismal font that doubled as a bird bath would have made it even more perfect. Oh well.

But wait, there’s more! My kids would love the trinitarian Lego: Father, Son and Holy Ghost (According to the website, “Before our disbelieving eyes, the third member of the Godhead materializes as a cheery, Halloween pumpkin…”). Too bad the Father looks so grumpy. And then there was the crucifix shoes, the inflatable church (yep, a full-sized bouncy castle) and the hip flask Bible that conceals a good sized bottle inside a holy book. Of course it’s to be used for grape juice.

Suddenly, my eyes fell on the solution to my backyard problem. Remember how awhile back I complained that my backyard needs a couple of new chairs? That I need somewhere to relax and enjoy my garden, soaking up the spiritual and emotional benefits of being in a beautiful, green space? Ta da!

The web site, which notes this chair is available in Guatemala for about $700, suggests that now at long last I really can leave my toubles in the lap of God. At any rate, it might be nice to have Jesus sitting out there in the garden with me. God knows I could use the support.

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1 Response to Home and garden irreverence

  1. Those are the most bizzare items ever! I don’t know whether to laugh or be uneasy lol. I do know a few people who could use that ashtray, though.

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