The cat came back the very next day

A few weeks ago as I was walking up the sidewalk to the church, I saw a cat. She was yellow and sleek with clean fur and very blue eyes. I didn’t think too much about it, although I did wonder where she came from. We’ve never seen a cat around the church property before.

The next day, I noticed the cat again, this time sitting on the sidewalk. She scampered away as I let myself in the big front doors. A few hours later as I sat a my desk, I looked up to find her staring into the large floor-to-ceiling window in my office. That’s when I called  my administrator. “I think we should call Animal Control,” I said to her. “That cat is not a stray”.

Well, she called and they came. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived the cat had disappeared. Since then I have looked, but haven’t seen any “Lost Cat” posters anywhere. We haven’t heard from anyone in the neighbourhood who is looking for her. What else can we do?

I have been advised that feeding her is not a good idea because it will encourage her to stay although I am not worried about her being hungry. She seems to be hunting mice in the shrubbery nearby and doesn’t look as if she’s lost much weight. I do say hello to her when she’s nearby, though.

I have since learned that she is a Flame Point Siamese, or Red Point Colourpoint Shorthair, depending on what country you live in and how uptight you are about breed names. I am convinced someone is very attached to her, somewhere. I just wish I knew how to reunite them.

It makes me sad everytime I see that lost cat. She roams around the church yard, a lost soul with nowhere to go. Occasionally she meows a long, soulful meow. She reminds me of people I have met, people who seem too far from home, too far from people they love. With cats, as with people, sometimes you can help. But sometimes they have to find their own way. I hope she finds her way soon.

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3 Responses to The cat came back the very next day

  1. Lorraine says:

    Kristine – you are right – that is a well loved, taken care of cat. I would have suggested to go to the Humane Society and check their “lost” board but the HS is closed due to an outbreak of ringworm. I wonder if she is from the condo’s around where the church is. She’s a beautiful cat. Hope her owner finds her soon.


  2. Irene says:

    We saw that cat too! Sarah was fascinated by its eyes, and Linda followed it around for awhile. I didn’t realize the cat has been a returning guest. I hope she finds home!

  3. lambskinny says:

    Nice little analogy there.

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