My New Year’s confession: Flowerama

I have a confession to make: I have been playing a game on the computer over the Christmas break. Not just a little, either. It has become obsessive to the point that I am neglecting my children. They ate cookies for breakfast yesterday.

I blame my husband (at least until I hear his cries of protest and realize I have no one to blame but myself). He got an ipad for Christmas, which was an entry into a whole new world. And this new world has a gardening game.

flowerama 1In my defense, it is January. Here in Canada that means long nights, cold temperatures, and snow. Even the greenery we had in the house to celebrate Christmas is gone. Obviously there can be no digging in the garden, but it is too early to plant seeds inside (even leeks!). A gardener can go stir crazy staring at seed catalogues this time of year. By the time Pat showed me Flowerama, I was weak.

Now I am planting all kinds of flowers in my little virtual garden. There are tulips and sunflowers, roses and primrose, violets, gerberas, lilies and even  some strange looking cactus. With the help of a little gnome, everything is easily raked and watered (Who needs a cute pool boy? I wish I had a gnome like that fella). And when I harvest everything, it goes straight to my florist shop where some lovely people come in  and buy them. It is simple and tidy, and it is the perfect antidote to a gardener’s winter.

flowerama 2Unfortunately, like a real garden, it is addictive. There is always something that needs weeding or planting and my gnome can’t be expected to do it all. Even as I write this I am getting pop-up messages telling me that the sunflowers need watering. And who can leave a plant to wither in the sun? Just gimme a second….

I know this will have to stop. As work gets back to normal after some post-Christmas leisure, I will be swept away by the preaching and visiting that awaits me. Hopefully I will order some seeds for my new garden. I could probably make some drawings for the spring garden renovation I’m planning, too. My children can’t eat cookies forever…

Until then, however, I am taking comfort in my on-screen garden and getting my flower fix. There is no harm in reveling in some virtual beauty and engaging in the creative process. For everything there is a season, the Bible says, and this is my season of computer gaming. Just a few more flowers and I’ll stop. I promise.


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6 Responses to My New Year’s confession: Flowerama

  1. Oh, mercy, I’ve been there with Farmville! There is hope – I got bored with it after about a month. As soon as the sun and warm weather come back, you’ll be out with the real thing and forget all about the virtual version!

    (P.S. – If I can eat fruitcake for breakfast, cookies totally work too!)

    • Yes, Farmville–you can grow things there, too, can’t you? Hmmmmm…..better not go and have a look just in case. And yes, warm weather will definitely solve such a crazy addiction.

      Good call on the fruitcake, by the way. Think of all the fruit–that could almost be called a healthy start to the day!

  2. Wes Denyer says:

    Next thing you know it will be slot machines at Rama!

  3. Karen says:

    My Christmas greenery that I had in arrangements in the house has move leaves on the tables than on their stems. I would have to trudge through a foot of snow out through our property to try and replace it and decided it wasn’t worth it. I so understand.

  4. Yes–I tried cedar boughs this year and I won’t do that again. They dried out before I had finished putting them up. Maybe what we both need are some January indoor bulbs!

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