Summer is for (lavender) adventure

Every trip is an adventure. Some trips, however, are more adventurous than others. Sometimes that was because our family didn’t plan quite enough (oops) or the weather wasn’t what we expected (drat) or because we’d never travelled with so many children before (yikes). That was 2003.

That summer, our youngest was eight months old. We desperately wanted to get away and we had time, just not much money. In all our wisdom, we decided on a maritime road trip: one van, one tent, six people, and all the stuff necessary for travelling with two babies and two children. We actually put the kids in their car seats and packed stuff in around them every day (and yes, we drove somewhere new almost every day. What were we thinking?).

andrew and tucker 03It was chaotic, loud, and far more work than we had expected. It was also filled with beauty and laughter–those moments that create family jokes and lasting memories.

One of those memories was a lavender farm that we stumbled on as we were driving through the Nova Scotia countryside. Out the window we were amazed at gently rolling hills covered with rows of purple blooms. We pulled the car over to the side of the road and discovered a little booth and a lovely woman. She had just started the farm a year or two earlier, she said, and we were welcome to wander around. We did. We sniffed and smelled and stretched our legs, marvelling at such a glorious discovery.


Since then I have visited a lavender farm in Niagara, but now I’ve found one even closer to home. Weir Lavender Farm and Apiary is in Dundas, Ontario and both the farm and the shop are open regularly for tours.


This time, we were on our way to dinner when we made a slight detour. It was Sunday afternoon and there was no reason to rush. Our stop was much quieter this time, of course, with only my husband, me, and an empty back seat. We meandered through the fields and then, since there were no children begging to go to the bathroom or asking when it was time for a snack, we spoke with one of the owners, too. His was the story so many people dream of: he quit his high-powered city career, bought a small farm in the country, and started a whole new life. He assured us he would never go back.


He also said that most of what they know about farming they have learned along the way. They rely on trial and error as they plant, grow, harvest and create new soaps and culinary delights. It may not be the most efficient method of doing anything, but l like that. It appeals to my sense of adventure.

This summer, my sense of adventure is leading me to an exciting and slightly scary destination–stay tuned for that story! In the mean time, may these last weeks of summer be full of beautiful sights and smells. Make sure you take every opportunity for adventure along the way.





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