Zucchini for Christmas: Frankenmuth

I know that the seasons are changing but I’m just not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet. Even while I am enjoying the gorgeous colours of fall, sweet local apples and (still more!) kale from the garden, I am still feeling grateful for my summer that was full of gardens and greenery.    

466I know that most people visit Frankenmuth to shop at Bronner’s (if you haven’t been there, it’s a Christmas shop the size of…well, you have to see it to believe it. It’s HUGE.) I also know that the chicken dinner, Bavarian style, is famous. But the flowers all over town were what blew me away!

411First, we enjoyed a tiny enclave overflowing with purple coneflower, lavender, nasturtium and every manner of garden herb. then we saw the sign: The Herb Society of America: Frankenmuth Mid-Michigan Unit Garden for Herbal Education. I bet there are some great volunteers behind such a lovely space. 416

Then we looked across the street and saw a candy shop. Granted, it is not unusual for me to notice those, but the property! It was so beautiful I stood in the middle of the street (safely, of course)  to snap a picture:

424 The best part, though, was the garden kaleidoscope. I have never seen anything like it. Looking through the lens turned pansies and impatiens into breathtaking patterns of pink, purple and green. The kids loved, too.

427Of course, we did go to Bronner’s and spent hours looking at nativity sets and Advent calendars. What else did we find? Gardens (and garden produce!) are everywhere. 438It was a sweet little side trip this summer. I hope your summer had a few of those, too.

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