Why labels matter

Signs on public bathrooms seem to be very important to people thesFullSizeRendere days. Some people are quite concerned that those using them also seem to need to be clearly defined and labeled. I don’t really get all the fuss. I’m a mom with four kids–I’m just happy to have a quiet, clean place to pee when I go out.

Sometimes, however, I think that labels are important. Like on plants, for example.

This spring, I was so pleased with myself. I got lettuce and peas into the garden earlier than ever so I could get a head start on the growing season. I got three kinds of tomatoes started in my little basement grow-op. I also started basil, hot peppers (something called ‘fish peppers’ that I got at a seed swap), and green curly kale. I was so smug.

IMG_3279My usual process for starting seeds is to use old pots (cleaned well) and trays. I add the soilless potting mix, seeds and water. Easy peasy. It’s especially easy because I don’t fuss about putting names on all the plants. Just one sign per flat is enough to let me know what I’m growing.

But this year, I made an error. I put two different varieties of tomatoes in the same flat. I didn’t need to label each individual pot, of course. Who needs to be so picky? I thought I would be able to see the difference between a Roma tomato plant and a golden cherry tomato plant once they came up, even after shuffling them around under the grow lights time after time. I was so wrong. Without flowers and fruit, they are basically identical. Damn.

IMG_3319For weeks I have been looking for differences between the two kinds, but they all look the same. So today I just took a deep breath and planted them anyway. The problem is that one variety is determinate (short) and one is indeterminate (tall). I have no clue how to stake them–with a short cage or a tall pole. So I’m just going to let them grow for a while longer and see if it becomes clearer with time. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Now if only we could convince people to be so relaxed about public bathrooms…



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1 Response to Why labels matter

  1. Michael says:

    Maybe sometimes we just need to let our kids grow up, and see how they turn out…

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