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I have always lived life with intensity, and for more than twenty years I was the sole pastor in a busy church with four kids and a funeral-director husband. I was an all-star multi-tasker who never stopped long enough to take a maternity leave.

But in 2010 I had the privilege of taking a four-month sabbatical that changed my life. It gave me a taste of what it was like to rest for more than one day a week. I had time to sit at the dinner table for hours with my family, write every day, and wander through gardens with no agenda and no time limit. I began to think that slowing down long enough to stop and smell the roses wasn’t such a bad idea.

Since then I have been on a journey to live more slowly, more intentionally, and more fully. Much of the time I fail completely. Over the long haul, I trust that God might actually be teaching me a healthy rhythm of work and rest.

I am a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Canada and completed a Doctor of Ministry in 2017. As of September 2018, I serve as the Director at Crieff Hills Retreat Centre in central Ontario. I share my life with my husband, four children and a rescue Airedale named Minnie.

Thanks for coming along as I share personal reflections and stories that grow out of my experiences in the garden and in my life. I hope that you can slow down a little, too. The roses smell wonderful.


15 Responses to About the Author

  1. Sandy Wheller says:

    Thanks for all your sharing Kristine.

    All the best to you,


    Ant Sandy

  2. aaronwolf says:

    You have wonderfully beautiful photos and a very nice blog. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice to read your reflections / I experience God more easily when emersed in nature as well

  4. Wow! Thank you! I am (like you) new to this world of blogging and am really pleased that I have a fan 🙂 Now I just have to figure out how to follow this up! Stay tuned!

  5. Ken Nicholls says:

    I have just stumbled upon your garden details quite accidentally. I am a retired Methodist minister living in the east of England in the town of Thetford. A few years ago I did my sabbatical on the Quiet Gardens of England and have now opened a Quiet Garden and retreat house for those under stress. We have more than 2 acres and find it hard to manage all the gardening! My wife is a great support and newly keen gardener.We are also using our garden as a source of community support for events like musical evenings and away-days for clergy and churches etc. This comes with all our best wishes.

    • It’s great to hear from you, Ken, and I am so pleased that you found my blog. How wonderful that you have opened a Quiet Garden of your own. It sounds like it does great things for many people!

  6. Mary Helen says:

    Hi Kristine
    I really enjoy your blog and your photos. Here in Sandy Cove Acres, the management provides garden plots for retirees who want to make things grow. I don’t have one (yet),but your blog whets my appetite. I may settle for doing a raised garden behind my house this year. Looking forward to seeing you at “Bursting Forth” in May. Mary Helen G.

    • Hi Mary Helen. Thanks so much for the encouragement. As winter sets in, the garden dreaming season sets in too–so it’s a great time to be thinking about what to do next summer 🙂 And yes–it will be great to see you in May!

  7. Mary Helen Garvin says:

    Kristine, are you familiar with Margaret Anne Overstreet’s Lenten blog 40 Days for Food Justice? I think you would like it. She is a Presbyterian minister in the States. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/the40dayjourney/2015/03/day-16-whats-so-special-about-gardens/ Hoping to see you at Synodical. Mary Helen

  8. Peggy says:

    congratulations on your doctorate. All the best for the future.
    Love and prayers.
    Peggy Bayley

  9. Dorothy C Herbert says:

    This might be of interest.

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